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We should not be laughing at dangerous politicians

With phrases such as ‘fake news’ gradually seeping into popular culture, it seems that instead of delegitimising controversial politicians we are actually giving them and their actions the go ahead. A prime example of this is Sean Spicer, a man who was once referred to as the ‘modern day Goebbles’, but recently became a source of entertainment for Emmy-watchers. He was applauded by the crowd, despite having repeatedly lied throughout his job as Press Secretary and normalising his deception. While it is true that everyone loves a joke, this so-called ‘harmless satire’ is littered with dark undertones.

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The war in the Middle East that no one’s talking about

With events in Iraq and Syria dominating headlines, a brutal 26-month civil war in Yemen rages on – a war with no clear sign of ending and horrific repercussions for all involved. The situation in Yemen reflects geopolitics at it’s worst, all the while civilian bystanders are caught in the crossfire.

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